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How many times have you wished you had more than one pair of hands? If you’re like most parents, this happens more times than you can remember. But there is good news! There are many new baby stroller accessories which now provide you that “extra hand.”

Whether a trip to the local store or a well-deserved vacation, when you’re traveling with an infant or toddler, you always have a great deal to juggle. There are baby’s necessities, such as food, drinks, toys, outdoor wear, wipes, and diapers, as well as your own personal belongings, like keys, wallets, and phones! And, on top of all that, you still have to keep track of that errand for which you’re out in the first place.

Many times, our pleasant little treks end up leaving us frustrated. Remember those trips to the grocery store that ended up with a spill or lost keys? Fortunately, several companies now offer some creative baby stroller accessories to make our trips easier and more enjoyable!

There are several areas which innovative stroller accessories can be beneficial:

  • preparedness,
  • organization,
  • convenience,
  • comfort, or
  • just plain fun!

Let’s start by considering a few stroller accessories that address an issue that I hear from most parents as being their biggest problem: organization.

Stroller Organizers

Life is hectic! Keeping organized can be extremely difficult to do when traveling with your baby. What many parents don’t realize is there are several creative stroller organizers to help maximize your organization and minimize your frustration.

Stroller organizers are an effective means of organizing your child’s necessities, from diapering to play. Additionally, some organizers also provide compartments to organize your critical personal belongings, such as keys, wallet, and cell phone. Organizers are available in a variety of designs which can accommodate different types of strollers, differing amounts of storage capacity, and various mounting options. Some even include a cup holder for YOUR drinks.

Selecting a quality organizer is easy, though please be sure to check that your selected organizer is intended to fit your type of stroller.

Stroller Bags

Stroller bags can provide a lot of extra storage capacity. The most common type of stroller bag is the saddle bag. Much like the saddlebags of yore, the baby stroller saddlebag can be a life saver. As some stroller designs do not lend themselves to bags or organizers which mount on the back of the stroller, the stroller bag can be a necessary alternative. The saddle bag style typically offers more flexibility and can be mounted on the side of the stroller to provide you with the storage compartments you need. If you need extra carrying capacity, these stroller bags can be added to both sides of the stroller to double your storage capacity.

Stroller Cup Holders

Manufacturers have not forgotten about us parents either. For our convenience, and the convenience of our older children, a simple strap-on stroller cup holder helps reduce spills and frustration. Plastic water bottles can handle a drop to the floor from 40 inches, but soda cans or sippy cups do not always fare as well. The stroller cup holder is a great accessory if your stroller has enough storage for baby but not for you!

Stroller Snack Trays

Among my favorite baby stroller accessories is the snack tray. Managing snacks is a part of every parent’s life and this task can result in great frustration. A well-designed stroller snack tray can be a blessing. With snacks and drinks within your child’s reach, you no longer have to worry about carrying multiple snack bags. Simply place the treats on the tray and let your child choose their items. Some snack trays even contain compartments which can be used to store small toys as well.

Other Stroller Accessories

There are a lot of other stroller accessories which are available to provide you more convenience and enhance your baby’s comfort. Some of the other most common stroller accessories include:

  • Stroller Riders – which can entertain older children by giving them a place to ride while you’re pushing the stroller
  • Stroller Hooks – that allow you to carry miscellaneous necessities
  • Stroller Cushions – to provide added comfort to your baby’s ride
  • Infant Neck Supports – which cradle your baby’s neck when sleeping in the stroller. these also work very well for car rides
  • Rain Covers – to keep your baby dry from the unforeseen rain shower
  • Insect Nets – which can be especially important if you enjoy spending time outdoors

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