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  • Makerbot Replicator 2X 3D Printer

Makerbot Replicator 2X 3D Printer

Makerbot Industries have done it again with this amazing printer for dare devil designers that carries on from where the Replicator 2 left off and provides professional 3D designers with the scope and functionality only dual extrusion can provide. 

What's so special about the Replicator 2X! 

  • Constant Pressure Filament feeder Makerbot have reengineered their extruder and filament feeder system for easy loading and maintenance. It now sports a constant force filament feed system that reduces skipping, slipping and filament jamming. 
  • Super Flat Cast Aluminium Build Plate Makerbot have redesigned the heated build platform in cast and machined aluminium to prevent warping and sagging. It is also anodised for durability; and engineered to be much more efficient at spreading heat. 
  • Six-sided Enclosure For Stabilised ABS Cooling We all know what a pain ABS can be to work with. It wants to extrude hot and stay hot. Slow cooling is essential for ABS to avoid warping, curling and lifting off the bed. We also do not want any breezes to cross the bed. So the new Replicator 2X has an enclosed print chamber!  The front door has an easy to use handle that magnetically snaps closed; and the friction hinge means the door stays where you put it. Plus you still get a clear view through the top, sides and front through the acrylic panels. 
  • Dual-Stusion Capabilities The Original (plywood) Makerbot Replicator (or Cate as it has become known here) took a giant leap forward, bringing us what Makerbot are calling Dualstrustion - 2 colour or even media printing! The Replicator 2X takes Dual Extrusion to the next level! Empowered by new dual-strution tools in makerware, this machine opens up whole new possibilities. Plus Firmware improvements have reduced filament reversal, retraction, and over-run, meaning more definition between colors. 
  • Fine Micron Resolution Out of the box this machine does 100 micron resolution, with experiments at foot for 50 micron prints! (such upgrades are firmware in nature and simply downloaded onto your machine) It is also important to note, although we do not understand how, but a .27 micron print from a Replicator 2 verses a .27 off an UP Plus, for example, are uncomparible. The Replicator 2 somehow manages to achieve much more smooth polished finishes than any other machine of its class, and we expect even more of the 2X 
  • Multi Media Capabilities Yes you can print using ABS, PLA, PVA, Nylon thread and other experimental filaments. This machine is not named the experimental for nothing. This machine is for the adventerous experimenter and sets you in good stead for and new filament developments in this rapidly expanding and improving industry. 
  • Strong, Durable and Reliable Design It's got a powder coated steel chassis which we learned from the Replicator 2, not only makes it strong, sturdy and durable; it also makes it quieter and more capable of super high-speed printing. The powder coated steel is also resistant to temperature and humidity changes! 
  • Big Build Area Ok so the Cupcake Printer could print a cupcake, and the Replicator a loaf of bread. With a build platform 24.6 X 15.2 X 15.5 cm the Replicator 2X can print big, really big! That's a total volume of 410 cubic inches! 37% more than the Replicator! 
  • Makerware software to back it up When Makerbot released the Replicator 2 they also released Makerware in Beta form. This software has seen many upgrades already in just a few months, with the new edition out for the 2X to see some funky new dual extrusion capabilities. The software enable much faster preparation time utilising the companies new slicing engine, which is 20 times faster than previous tech. Plus it is smarter and more efficient, which means faster build times too!Plus you can now make multiple things at once! Just load up muliple models at the same time and print them simultaneously! 


In the Box

  • 2 X 500g Spools Makerbot ABS
  • 1 X Sample Tube Super Lube for rods and bearing maintenance
  • 1 X SDCARD with sample files ready to print

But wait their is more......

You can now purchase this printer with Simplify3D, a super fast, software package making it possible to get more out of your 3D Printer